30 May, 2024
1 min read

This Canned Protein Isn’t As Healthy As You Thought – Health Digest

The USDA reports that in one 5-ounce can of chicken without the broth, there’s 602 milligrams of sodium. If you were to compare the sodium content of 100 grams of canned chicken to a same-sized serving of cooked-from-raw chicken breast with no skin, there’s over a 100-milligram difference between the two. There are 482 milligrams […]

1 min read

False Facts About Sex You Always Thought Were True – Health Digest

The term “safe sex”┬ácan be used somewhat loosely. Yes, deciding to practice oral or anal sex can be a good alternative for couples who are looking to be intimate and avoid pregnancy. However, that doesn’t mean that either option is completely safe. According to Better Health, both oral and anal sex can still carry the […]