12 Apr, 2024
1 min read

9 Effective Ways To Lose Weight Gain Caused By Medication – Health Digest

One of the best dietary adjustments you can make to help lose the weight caused by your medication is to reduce or eliminate sugar in your diet.¬†Excessive sugar consumption is strongly linked to weight gain and obesity. Sugary foods and beverages contribute to an increase in calorie intake without providing essential nutrients, leading to an […]

1 min read

Is TikTok’s Viral Death March Exercise More Effective Than Lunges? – Health Digest

If you already know how to do a single-leg RDL, you’re already part of the way to the RDL Death March. People who are new to the RDL Death March should choose a lighter weight or no weight until they get the proper technique down. The movement should also be slow and controlled to avoid […]