29 Feb, 2024
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When You Nap Every Day, Here’s What Happens To Your Brain – Health Digest

A 2023 study in Sleep Health analyzed the data of 35,080 people aged 40 to 69 from a U.K. Biobank study. Researchers found a link between frequent daytime napping and as much as 15.8 cm3 (cubic centimeters) increase in total brain volume. That’s 2.5 to 6.5 years of aging.  The study didn’t examine cognitive performance, but it used a randomized […]

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking A Pre-Workout Nap – Health Digest

Shorter naps — ones that last 20-30 minutes — are a whole other story. Senior research scientist and adjunct professor of kinesiology at University of Calgary, Amy Bender, told Triathlete that there is a benefit to short naps pre-workout and longer naps after heavy exercising as well. “We recommend 20-minute naps on important training and competition days, […]