17 Apr, 2024
1 min read

Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking A Pre-Workout Nap – Health Digest

Shorter naps — ones that last 20-30 minutes — are a whole other story. Senior research scientist and adjunct professor of kinesiology at University of Calgary, Amy Bender, told Triathlete that there is a benefit to short naps pre-workout and longer naps after heavy exercising as well. “We recommend 20-minute naps on important training and competition days, […]

1 min read

Why Your Pre-Workout Smoothie Could Be A Bad Idea – Health Digest

Even if you’re trying to increase your protein intake to build or retain muscle, adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie will slow down your digestion. You’ll need up to an hour for your stomach to digest the protein in your smoothie, according to Men’s Health. While fiber is an important part of […]