26 Feb, 2024
1 min read

What It Means When Exercising Makes Your Anxiety Worse – Health Digest

It might be useful to first understand how someone feels and what happens to their body during an anxiety attack. Your heart rate quickens, you sweat, and you experience shortness of breath. Exercising often brings on similar sensations. Someone with anxiety could associate those physical symptoms with an anxiety attack and start to feel anxious. […]

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Exercising Can Be Dangerous If You Take These Medications – Health Digest

As evidenced by a 2010¬†study¬†published in Drugs, there is a large amount of abuse that happens among laxative users, many of whom believe the medication will contribute to losing weight. According to the study, one of the groups that tends to misuse laxatives are athletes, especially athletes who participate in sports with weight limits. However, […]

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This Could Be Why You’re Not Losing Weight (Even If You’re Exercising And Dieting) – Health Digest

If you’re dieting, you could easily feel left out of social gatherings such as happy hours and restaurant openings. Yet a little drink here or there can wreck your weight loss, according to Better Health Channel. Not only does alcohol put a halt to your fat burning, but it will have you reaching for less […]