15 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

Yo-Yo Dieting Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Muscles – Health Digest

Fg Trade/Getty Images Weight loss can be frustrating. You did your part by setting goals, planning your meals, and keeping your willpower strong. You reached your goal weight, celebrated with friends, and bought new clothes to show off the “new” you. After a few months, you notice the weight gradually coming back. So you go […]

1 min read

Dieting Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Gut Health – Health Digest

Gaining weight after dieting might also be due to changes in your gut microbiome. A 2016 study in Nature put obese mice on a diet so they would have the same weight and metabolic factors as control mice. Even though the mice lost weight, their gut bacteria composition remained the same. When the formerly obese […]

1 min read

Dieting Could Be The Reason You Can’t Sleep At Night – Health Digest

Dieting sometimes requires knowing the right balance between hunger and a full stomach. Any discomfort you feel before bed could affect your sleep. Eating too much will make it difficult to sleep, but eating too little can also cause you to wake up hungry and keep you awake. If you’ve been dieting for a while, […]

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This Could Be Why You’re Not Losing Weight (Even If You’re Exercising And Dieting) – Health Digest

If you’re dieting, you could easily feel left out of social gatherings such as happy hours and restaurant openings. Yet a little drink here or there can wreck your weight loss, according to Better Health Channel. Not only does alcohol put a halt to your fat burning, but it will have you reaching for less […]