26 Feb, 2024
4 mins read

The Popular Protein That Can Help Reduce Anxiety – Health Digest

Hiraman/Getty Images Of the many things that impact our mental health, food is one of them. While research has shown that consumption of inflammation-promoting foods such as soda, red meat, and refined grains can increase one’s risk for depression, foods such as fish, beans, and leafy green vegetables have oppositely shown to protect against the […]

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3 ways to heal trauma from within  – Healthista

Healing from trauma has no time limit on it. Nicci Roscoe author of new book, Manifest Your Everything and accomplished holistic health & wellbeing practitioner reveals 3 ways to heal trauma from within Suffering any kind of trauma can be frightening and debilitating. It can send you into a state of emotional turmoil and can […]

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What It Means When Exercising Makes Your Anxiety Worse – Health Digest

It might be useful to first understand how someone feels and what happens to their body during an anxiety attack. Your heart rate quickens, you sweat, and you experience shortness of breath. Exercising often brings on similar sensations. Someone with anxiety could associate those physical symptoms with an anxiety attack and start to feel anxious. […]

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Common Medications That Can Cause Anxiety – Health Digest

Stimulants such as Adderall change the chemicals in the brain to boost alertness and relieve the symptoms of ADHD. However, this chemical change can also produce anxiety, especially if the doses are not correct. While Adderall, for example, may not actually be the cause of your anxiety, it can cause such symptoms as higher blood […]

14 mins read

Neuroscientist reveals how to spot anxiety symptoms & help manage your mind

From butterflies in your stomach to a change in appetite, some anxiety symptoms are more obvious than others. Renowned Neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf, reveals the symptoms to look out for and what can help manage your mind Anxiety is an emotional warning signal – a healthy and natural human response to stress or any perceived threat you may encounter, […]

7 mins read

A Doctor’s guide to spotting and managing anxiety symptoms – Healthista

From feeling restless to headaches and stomach aches, some anxiety symptoms are more obvious than others. Dr Raj Arora reveals signs and symptoms of anxiety, plus how a self-care toolkit can help prevent anxiety levels from spiralling into a crisis Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or concern that typically occurs in the absence of imminent […]