30 May, 2024
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The 10 States Where People Live The Longest, Ranked – Health Digest

Washington is not only ranked second in terms of life expectancy for its total population (79.2 years) but also for its male population’s life expectancy (76.9 years). Female life expectancy for this state is ranked at number three by the CDC, with Washington’s female population expected to reach 81.6 years old. An interactive map on […]

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The 10 States Where People Die At The Youngest Age, Ranked – Health Digest

As it turns out, if you live in the United States, the state where you reside can have an impact on your life expectancy. Many specific factors influence this. Source link

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Food Additives That Are Banned In Europe (But Not In The United States) – Health Digest

Titanium dioxide (also known as E171) has been a staple food additive for decades, primarily used to impart a vibrant white color to various foods, ranging from baked goods and sandwich spreads (think mayo) to soups, sauces, and salad dressings. However, recent developments have led to its banning as a food additive by the European […]