30 May, 2024
1 min read

Warning Signs Your Headache Is Actually A Brain Tumor – Health Digest

Although some of these might overlap with a hangover or stress headache, there are a few tell-tale signs your headache is more serious than you think. Is your headache worse when you lie down or when you wake up in the morning? Is it unrelenting and does it keep coming back stronger? Does it hurt […]

1 min read

The Pungent Condiment That Can Reduce Your Tumor Risk – Health Digest

Horseradish has caught the attention of scientists due to its potential in the fight against cancer. Recent research has shown that horseradish peroxidase, an enzyme found in horseradish, has cancer-fighting properties. A 2021┬ástudy published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy investigated the effectiveness of an enzyme derived from horseradish peroxidase to fight cancer cells. The enzyme was […]