15 Apr, 2024
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The Nutrient Deficiency That Could Be Causing Your Low Sex Drive – Health Digest

If these nutrients are so good for libido, does that mean you need to start eating lots of meat? Not necessarily. You can turn to the best protein sources that aren’t meat too. The three nutrients in concern — carnitine, arginine, and zinc — can be found in non-meat sources like whole grains and dairy products.  While red meat has […]

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Why Uber’s Peanut Allergy Commercial Is Causing Serious Trouble – Health Digest

The ad also caught the attention of members of the non-profit group Food Allergy & Research Education (FARE). The leader of the organization, Dr. Sung Poblete, issued a public statement in response to the commercial, saying that the ad may potentially increase the risk of bullying. “These types of commercials and types of jokes allow […]

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How Your Tongue Could Be Causing Your Headaches – Health Digest

Your tongue has many moving parts; one of those parts is the thin strip of skin, known as the “frenulum,” that adheres it to the floor of the mouth. People with tongue-tie have a shorter, thicker, or tighter band of tissue connecting their tongue to their mouth in the front or back, making articulating certain […]