24 Jul, 2024
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Warning Signs Your Cloudy Pee Is Actually A Symptom Of A Prostate Problem – Health Digest

Signs that cloudy urine may stem from a prostate issue include painful ejaculation, the presence of blood in one’s pee, difficulty getting one’s urine stream going, or burning sensations while peeing. Such symptoms may be caused by a swollen prostate, which can hinder urine flow through the urethra, explains WebMD. The longer urine remains in […]

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If This Happens To Your Toe, You Might Have A Serious Cholesterol Problem – Health Digest

Blue toe syndrome refers to the bluing of one or more toes that occurs due to reduced circulation from arterial obstruction, according to a 2023 research article published in BMJ Case Reports. This discoloration is often accompanied by pain or tenderness, and cholesterol emboli are most often the cause. Such was the case for a […]

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The One Big Health Problem Connected To Having Blue Eyes – Health Digest

The association between increased alcohol use and light eyes may also be related to differences in neuron-firing speed (via┬áPersonality and Individual Differences). Melanin sheaths act as a protective cover for the connecting cables of our neurons. The more melanin we have in the front layer of the iris as well as in our central nervous […]