Eating Garlic Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Early Death Risk – Health Digest
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Eating Garlic Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Early Death Risk – Health Digest

Garlic has been associated with being anti-inflammatory, protecting against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, improving blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels, warding off chronic disease, protecting your liver, and combating different types of cancer. 

Early death risk after a heart disease diagnosis is a concern. In fact, it is thought to cause the death of one person every 33 seconds in the U.S., per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Garlic has compounds that can help improve blood lipid profile, reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and even help treat heart failure. According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, garlic oil was associated with protecting diabetic patients from cardiomyopathy (a condition that affects the heart muscle). Light to moderate garlic consumption was linked with a reduced risk of thickened carotid intima-media, an early indication of atherosclerosis, which can lead to cardiovascular disease, per a 2021 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition. 

The older you are, the more you are at risk for early death if you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, per the Alzheimer’s Association, and garlic contains antioxidants that can help fight oxidative stress and cognitive decline. Garlic can also help prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), per a 2019 study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. End-stage cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer are some of the life-threatening conditions associated with NAFLD. Allium herbs like garlic could prevent prostate cancer, while the organo-sulfur compounds in the spice can reduce brain cancer risk. Go on and add reduced lung cancer risk to the list too. 

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