17 Apr, 2024
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Turns Out Eating This Popular Carb Can Help You Drift Off To Sleep With Ease – Health Digest

It seems the Japanese studies were mainly focused on the sleep-friendly properties of white rice, as that’s the more popularly consumed type of rice in Japan.¬† White rice has a¬†glycemic index (GI) of 72, which is considered high. The researchers of the 2014 study hypothesize that high-GI foods boost the presence of the amino acid […]

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Eating This Popular Carb Could Trigger An Annoying Case Of The Hiccups – Health Digest

Exactly why certain things send the diaphragm into a state of spasming is not entirely understood. However, Ali Seifi, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas Health at San Antonio, told The Washington Post that bread can be one of these things. ” … A large meal of dry foods such as pasta or bread […]

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The Unexpected Way A Low Carb Diet Affects Your Life Expectancy – Health Digest

The study followed more than 15,000 people over 25 years and looked at how their carbohydrate intake factored into how long they lived. People whose carb intake averaged between 50 and 55% of their daily calories lived the longest. Restricting carbs to less than 40% of their intake resulted in an increased mortality risk. But […]