14 Apr, 2024
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The Caffeinated Beverage That Increases Your Risk Of Blood Clots – Health Digest

America loves caffeine; just a quick glance at any Starbucks’ drive-thru line can tell you that. Yet some people prefer to get their caffeine fix from alternate sources, like energy drinks. According to a 2023 Statista survey of over 10,000 participants, 33% of people ages 18 through 29 reported consuming energy drinks on a regular […]

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The Unusual Health Habit Jennifer Lopez Swears By To Keep Food Cravings At Bay – Health Digest

Through applied pressure, grapefruit oil is obtained from the glands of the citrusy fruit’s peel, explains Healthline. Fifteen minutes of aromatherapy seems to be the sweet spot. In a 2005 animal study published in Neuroscience Letters, researchers exposed rats to the aroma of grapefruit oil for a period of 15 minutes three times weekly. The […]