30 May, 2024
1 min read

Avoid Eating These Salad Ingredients Every Day If You Have This Medical Condition – Health Digest

While salads with alkaline-rich ingredients can be especially good for heartburn, there are some ingredients you need to avoid eating. We’re talking acidic tomatoes; fried croutons (or anything else fried); allium vegetables like onions, garlic, and shallots; citrus fruits; processed foods; and spicy ingredients like peppers. The fermented fibers in allium vegetables can lead to more stomach acid […]

1 min read

TikTok’s 5-Ingredient Popcorn Truffles Are Packed With Healthy Ingredients – Health Digest

Throw 3 cups of popcorn, 1 banana, 4 pitted Medjool dates, and a tablespoon of peanut butter into a blender and mix. “Pulse until the mixture resembles crumbs and sticks together,” shared Pavia.  Remove the mixture from the blender and place it in a bowl. Using your fingers, form small balls with the mixture. “Place the balls […]