30 May, 2024
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Try These 9 Healthy Food Hacks The Next Time You Order Takeout – Health Digest

According to Time, takeout pizza’s popularity in the U.S. can be traced back to the 1940s. In addition to takeout food’s availability and popularity growing at this time, members of the military came back to the States wanting more of the Italian cuisine they had experienced while overseas during WWII. But as Dr. Caroline Cederquist, […]

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Is It Safe To Reuse Plastic Takeout Containers For Food Storage? What We Know – Health Digest

Plastic storage cases (including restaurant takeout containers) have a triangle-shaped recycling symbol¬†on the back with a number inside. The shape is meant to indicate recyclability, while the number refers to the type of resin used to make the plastic. The Smart Plastics Guide, which lists the numbers and their corresponding meanings,¬†will also tell you about […]