16 Jul, 2024
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Warning Signs Your Opened Carton Of Almond Milk Isn’t Safe To Drink – Health Digest

Similar to dairy milk, if it looks funky or smells bad, those are two surefire warning signs your carton of almond milk belongs in the trash. “Signs of spoilage include discoloration or foul odor. It can get lumpy or develop specks of mold,” registered dietitian nutritionist Dana Angelo White told Food Network in a discussion […]

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Is The Waxy Coating On Apples Safe To Eat? – Health Digest

According to registered performance nutritionist and author of “The Gut Health Diet Plan: Recipes to Restore Digestive Health and Boost Wellbeing,” Christine Bailey (via Express), apples go through a process of cleansing after they are harvested to remove dirt and debris, which also rids them of their natural protective layer of wax.  “So the apple packers typically […]

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Tiger Woods Pushed Through Back Spasms On The Golf Course. But Is It Safe? – Health Digest

Lower back spasms also caused Woods to pull out during the final round of the Honda Classic back in 2014 (per NBC Sports). Experts at the Keystone Spine & Pain Management Center weighed in on the event after the fact, writing on their website how Woods was right to do so as back spasms should not […]

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Is It Safe To Take Advil Before Exercise? What To Consider – Health Digest

The study considered 89 ultramarathoners split into two groups — one that took 3-4 doses of 400-milligram ibuprofen (that’s two Advil pills) every four hours toward the end of the race and one that took a placebo (via Harvard Health). The races lasted seven days and the athletes started taking ibuprofen on the fifth day.  What researchers found was that […]

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Are Protein Shakes Safe For Children To Drink? What To Consider – Health Digest

As previously mentioned, there are cases in which a child may not be getting sufficient amounts of protein in their daily diet. Oppositely, however, sports nutrition specialist and registered dietitian Diana Schnee told the Cleveland Clinic that many children are getting more than enough. “In most Western countries, children already get two to three times […]

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Is It Safe To Take Medicine Right Before Going To Sleep? Here’s What Our Expert Has To Say – Health Digest

According to WellRx, diuretics are meant to assist the kidneys in shuttling excess salt and water from the body. Therefore, diuretics can keep you awake if you take them before bed because you’re more likely to get out of bed to run to the bathroom.  Stimulant medications that treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are meant […]

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Is It Safe To Reuse Plastic Takeout Containers For Food Storage? What We Know – Health Digest

Plastic storage cases (including restaurant takeout containers) have a triangle-shaped recycling symbol on the back with a number inside. The shape is meant to indicate recyclability, while the number refers to the type of resin used to make the plastic. The Smart Plastics Guide, which lists the numbers and their corresponding meanings, will also tell you about […]

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Is It Safe To Drink A Protein Shake On An Empty Stomach? What To Consider – Health Digest

Although your body uses protein more efficiently after your workout, that doesn’t mean you can’t drink protein shakes at other times of the day to help build muscle. A 2022 study in Nutrients found that men on a new strength training program gained more muscle if they had 25 grams of protein either just before bed […]

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Is It Safe To Sleep In Compression Socks? Here’s What We Know – Health Digest

Juliealexk/Getty Images Compression socks apply pressure to the legs, ankles, and feet. By doing so, they help improve blood flow and prevent the pooling of blood in the veins, which can be highly beneficial for people who suffer from circulation issues or who are at risk for blood clots. In addition, compression socks can also be […]

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Tell-Tale Signs These Foods Aren’t Safe To Eat – Health Digest

When you think there might be a food shortage or other disaster, there’s a good reason that people reach for canned goods. These have a long shelf life, unmatched by other foods in your pantry. But even precious cans of food can go bad eventually. This is especially true if they weren’t stored at the […]