30 May, 2024
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This Common Sleep Disorder Can Increase Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Death – Health Digest

A 2017 study in Neurology followed 57,000 women to see if RLS led to a higher risk of death. Even though women with RLS didn’t have a higher risk of death from any cause, they had a 43% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to those women without RLS. Meanwhile, no links between […]

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Do This With Your Body At Least Once A Year To Test Your Cardiovascular Health – Health Digest

Although there isn’t any connection between singing on the stairs and heart disease, a 2021 article in Revista Espanola de Cardiologia said that climbing stairs is a good indicator of heart health because it measures your exercise capacity. Typically, doctors will measure your exercise capacity using a treadmill, but the study looked at how quickly […]

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Here’s What The V8 Diet Can Do For Your Cardiovascular Health – Health Digest

Our cardiovascular health is intricately connected to the foods we consume. Dietary choices play a pivotal role in either enhancing or compromising the well-being of our hearts. A 2023 report in Vascular Health and Risk Management shows that adopting a heart-healthy diet is essential for cardiovascular disease prevention, but there are many barriers and limitations […]