30 May, 2024
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If You Don’t Eat When You’re Hungry, This Is What Happens To Your Body – Health Digest

While occasionally skipping a meal even though you’re hungry doesn’t hurt, research shows that frequent meal-skipping could lead to the development of an eating disorder, per a study in¬†Eating and Weight Disorders.¬†Initially, skipping meals disrupts your body’s hunger and satiety cues. Deprived of regular fuel, your metabolism slows, and your body interprets this as a […]

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What Happens To Your Body If You Eat When You’re Not Hungry – Health Digest

Strange as it may seem, the digestive process is mental as much as it is physical. According to Mindful Ways to Wellness, the minute you smell food, your body begins producing the enzymes and digestive juices it will need to eventually break it down. So, in order for you to digest your food properly, the […]

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The Big Reason Marijuana Makes People So Hungry – Health Digest

“It’s like pressing a car’s brakes and accelerating instead,” said Tamas Horvath, lead author of a 2015 rodent study published in Nature, during a press release (via PBS). The research paper explains that natural cannabinoid receptors in our brain help keep our food intake in check. A specific group of neurons, known as POMC neurons, […]