01 Dec, 2023
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Can The Way You Sleep Change Your Personality? What We Know – Health Digest

To adequately differentiate between genetic and environmental factors’ impact on sleep, the study amalgamated a large sample of twins to act as participants. Given that twins share the same genotype, or genetics, utilizing twins in the study was crucial to highlight and substantiate the differences between genetically-induced outcomes and environmentally-induced ones. The study first assessed […]

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What Being A Vegetarian Says About Your Personality – Health Digest

A 2023 meta-analysis in Appetite compiled the results of 15 studies that looked at the Big Five personality traits of vegetarians compared to omnivores. This analysis included a total of almost 70,000 people. Vegetarians scored higher in agreeableness, which includes characteristics such as sharing, comforting, and helping other people. Openness to experience is another Big […]

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You More Likely Have An Anxious Personality Type If You Sleep Like This – Health Digest

Idzikowski — who did a study on sleeping positions and what they said about someone’s personality traits and health involving 1,000 participants — found that the fetal position was the most common, amounting to 41% of the study’s subjects, per BBC. The position was also most preferred by women.  Sleeping bunched up like a ball was linked […]