30 May, 2024
1 min read

This Underrated Liquid Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Hydration – Health Digest

The thought of dumping out your pickles to drink the pickle brine might sound gross to you, but cyclists and triathletes have been using it for years to beat cramping. Tennis player Carlos Alcaraz was seen sipping on pickle juice at the 2023 final at Wimbledon. An ounce of pickle juice has 25 calories with […]

1 min read

The Liquid You Should Take Your Ibuprofen With (And It’s Not Water) – Health Digest

While ibuprofen offers many benefits when it comes to pain relief, it can simultaneously have negative effects on our stomach. NSAIDs aggravate our stomach lining by hindering the production of certain enzymes critical to its protection (via Creaky Joints). While blocking these enzymes helps minimize pain and inflammation, it can also lead to a mild […]