24 Jul, 2024
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The High-Protein Snack That Can Help You Lose Weight (And Decrease Your Heart Disease Risk) – Health Digest

Your risk for heart disease increases if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, an unhealthy diet, or obesity. Chickpeas have you covered. A 2006 study in Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism found that eating chickpeas for 5 weeks reduced people’s total cholesterol levels by 3.9% and LDL cholesterol by 4.6%. You […]

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If You Eat This Popular Spice, Your Early Death Risk May Decrease – Health Digest

As you age, your cells reduce their capacity to regenerate, and eventually the cells die. This is linked to the telomeres that cap the ends of your chromosomes and protect them from damage, according to a 2021¬†article in Biomedicine and Pharmacology. When cells divide, the telomeres shorten over time. Oxidative stress can speed up the […]

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This Unexpected Drink Can Actually Decrease Hydration – Health Digest

If you're looking to increase your hydration levels throughout the day, be wary of this popular kind of "healthy" drink. It may actually make things worse. Source link