24 Jun, 2024
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3 Foods Psychologists Avoid Eating At All Costs – Health Digest

In a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports, a cross-sectional analysis of 23,245 people found that consuming added sugars through sweet treats and beverages was linked with increased risk of common mental disorder (CMD) and depression. Elsewhere, a 2019 meta-analysis of observational studies published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages could lead […]

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TikTok Says This Sit-Down Calf Pushup Exercise Can Boost Your Metabolism (But There’s A Big Caveat) – Health Digest

According to study author and professor of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston, Marc Hamilton, what you’re working out while doing these seated calf pushups is something called the soleus muscle. In fact, it’s a muscle you’d work out in one of the best exercises to strengthen weak calves – calf raises. The […]

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Strange Things That Happen To Your Body When You Suddenly Stop Doing Cardio – Health Digest

You’re more likely to notice a greater interest in sex if you commit to a regular cardio exercise routine. That’s largely because the benefits of exercise, like improved mood and energy levels, correlate with greater confidence, which can in turn increase your sex drive. The less that you exercise, the greater the possibility that your […]

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The Benefits Of This Popular Workout Recovery Tool Might Be Misleading – Health Digest

In light of these misleading claims, should you be using foam rollers then? Experts seem to agree that what foam rolling can do is improve your perception of pain, boost blood flow to the areas that are being “massaged,” and act as a part of the puzzle when it comes to warm-up, recovery, and fitness. So […]

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What Happens To Your Blood Pressure Right After Exercising (And A Major Warning Sign To Look Out For) – Health Digest

Exaggerated blood pressure in response to exercise occurs when your systolic blood pressure reaches 210 mm Hg or higher for men or 190 mm Hg for women, even if you have normal blood pressure. A 2020 article in the European Heart Journal studied exaggerated blood pressure during exercise and found that those who had these […]

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Inside Zendaya’s Intense Workout Regimen Before Shooting Challengers – Health Digest

They say, “If you can see it, you can be it,” which is why the star began her fitness journey by studying tennis pros at work, both on tape and at hours-long live matches. In addition to Gilbert, Zendaya also had strength and conditioning coach Bryan Doo on her team. Doo told Women’s Health that […]

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TikTok Shares 3 Easy Ways To Naturally Lower Your Cortisol Levels (But Do They Work? Here’s What We Know) – Health Digest

The first thing that Riley says helped reduce her cortisol levels was letting up on the intensity of her exercise. Rather than working out at a high intensity nearly every day of the week as she had previously been doing, the nutritionist swapped her high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes for regular walks. The science seems […]

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6 strength training benefits everyone should know about – Healthista

Improved fitness and weight loss aren’t the only benefits strength training has to offer. David Wiener, Training Specialist at Freeletics reveals 6 other benefits everyone should know about By now, most people are aware that incorporating strength training into your workout routine is probably a good idea. We know that weight training is a great way […]

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The Popular Protein That Can Give Your Butt A Firm Boost – Health Digest

According to the authors of a 2019 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, milk and whey protein eaten by people who are doing resistance training can increase muscle strength and size and optimize body composition in both women and men. Since Greek yogurt contains similar nutrients as milk, but is higher in protein, they wanted to […]