19 Apr, 2024
1 min read

What Happens To Your Poop When You Stop Eating Red Meat – Health Digest

Fiber makes you poop. It’s what pulls water into your stools to give them that soft and bulky texture and it also allows for easier passage of waste through and out of your system. Red meat does not contain fiber. Stopping red meat consumption might (hopefully) mean you’re adding fiber-rich sources of protein to your […]

1 min read

A Doctor Tells Us The Risks Of TikTok’s Red Cabbage Juice Weight Loss Trend – Health Digest

A weight loss journey is about a lot more than sticking to just one type of food — or juice, in this case. While there is no harm in embracing the nutritious benefits of red cabbage and pears as a supplement to an already balanced diet, choosing it as your main meal plan might be a weight […]