01 Dec, 2023
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The Tongue Trick That Can Relieve Even The Most Stubborn Headache Pain – Health Digest

A complementary exercise is to work the muscles that open your jaw. Once your jaw is in a relaxed position, try to open your mouth while keeping your tongue on the inside of your front teeth. You should feel a pull underneath your tongue. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat 10 times. Try to […]

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The Easy Ice Trick That Will Help You Fall Asleep In No Time – Health Digest

You may have heard that taking a plunge in cold water is linked with reduced stress and improved sleep (via Harper’s Bazaar), so it’s not entirely surprising that there are other ways to¬†activate your parasympathetic nervous system.¬†Placing an ice pack on your chest or neck might also do the trick, according to Sleep.com. This can […]

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Try This Childhood Trick To Make Falling Asleep Easier – Health Digest

It wasn’t just that the childhood trick made adults fall asleep easier. The research also found that they had better rest and longer sleep times. Researchers seem to think that the rocking motion creates some kind of brain-wave synchronization that leads to deeper and better quality sleep. In fact, according to one of the researchers, […]