17 Apr, 2024

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Eating Eggplant Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Cholesterol – Health Digest

Despite its mild and subtly sweet flavor, eggplant can take on unexpected textures and tastes depending on how you make it. You can bake, grill, roast, or sauté it into your favorite dishes. It’s also great as a side, especially when stuffed with other healthy ingredients like couscous, lentils, beans, cheese, nuts, meat, or other veggies, or […]
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Avoid Eating Peppers If You Have This Medical Condition – Health Digest

There are a few different reasons why peppers could aggravate symptoms of psoriasis. For one, nightshade fruits and vegetables contain a compound called “solanine” which is thought to trigger digestive discomfort and inflammation in some people. This can be a problem for people with immune-system-related disorders like psoriasis. Capsaicin, also found in peppers and other nightshades, […]
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Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer Increases If You Live Here – Health Digest

Everything from how much fruit and vegetables make up your diet to smoking to ancestry and even environmental, behavioral, socioeconomic, and infection-related factors contribute toward a risk of prostate cancer. Although the exact reasons why certain regions have a higher incidence than others are unclear, experts point toward diet and lifestyle as possible factors.  For example, […]

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Where Is Boo Boo Goo From Shark Tank Season 5 Today? – Health Digest

With the help of a display board, Kiowa posed a question to the Sharks. The three images on the board were of a patch of skin covered by three different types of bandages: a regular stick-on Band-aid, a clear painted-on bandage, and a skin-tone shade of Boo Boo Goo (via ABC News). “Which one do […]

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The Best Type Of Workout To Prevent Overeating – Health Digest

Are you worried about how to stop yourself from overeating? Good news: recent research suggests that a certain kind of workout can help you accomplish that. Source link

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The Best Drinks To Have After A Workout (That Aren’t Water) – Health Digest

If you love the sweet and nutty taste of coconut, coconut water can certainly be an option to rehydrate after a sweaty workout. And, with its natural electrolytes and digestive-friendly composition (no gut-wrenching sweeteners or additives), it may even be a better alternative to sports drinks. Chloride, sodium, and potassium are three essential electrolytes necessary […]

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Single-Food Weight Loss Diets You Should Avoid At All Costs – Health Digest

While strawberries are indeed a nutritious fruit, relying solely on them for an extended period is not a balanced approach to nutrition, which is what the strawberry diet proposes. Like most single-food diets, the strawberry diet gained attention for its promises of rapid weight loss. In fact, it claims to help people shed 4 pounds […]

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Receding hairline? Hair thinning? Healthista tries Hydrafacial Keravive for thicker looking hair

From hair thinning to a receding hairline, as we get older we notice our hair isn’t what it once was. Ksenia Lavrentieva visits Dr Preema for a Hydrafacial Keravive treatment that promotes scalp health and thicker looking hair  As we age, we experience countless changes in our lives, one of which is the gradual thinning of our […]

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12 fitness accessories you didn’t know you needed – Healthista

From smart watches to reusable cups – Healthista tried and tested the best fitness accessories to help you SLAYYY your fitness goals  It goes without saying – a  good workout isn’t worthy of completion without the help of a blood pumping playlist and a sturdy pair of trainers. There’s nothing better than the moment you […]

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12 weight loss tips this nutritionist has heard that ACTUALLY work

Ever wondered what the best weight loss tips are from a nutritionist? Healthista spoke to expert May Simpkin who reveals her top 12 top nuggets of weight loss wisdom Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult or tortuous. It can simply be a case of making small changes to your daily routine that are healthier and more […]

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In a career slump? 5 ways to bounce back from burnout and get the most out of your job –

Healthista sat down with Pippa Ruxton, executive coach and founder of Polygon Coaching, to discuss 5 ways you can bounce back from burnout if you find yourself in a career slump, plus how to get the most out of your current role Burnt out? Feel stuck in your career? You’re not alone. The issue of […]

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What To Do The Night Before Getting A Tooth Pulled (And What Drink To Avoid) – Health Digest

There are many valid reasons why a person could end up being late for a prior commitment. However, while it’s typically not a big deal to be tardy with an understanding friend, not being on time for a dental appointment can have grave consequences. As Dr. Lipari told Health Digest, when having a tooth extraction, it’s […]

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Where Is EverlyWell From Shark Tank Season 9 Today? – Health Digest

During her pitch, Cheek emphasized that EverlyWell offers 13 different kits ranging from cholesterol tests to thyroid tests to hormone tests and many more, with prices spanning between $69 and $399 (via CNBC Prime). While she stated that the tests were not covered by insurance, Cheek noted that not even a year after launching, the […]